"I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing"

Check these out in NY:

  1. Town Shop – if you women out there think you’ve got the wrong bra size, go here and they’ll (quite delicately) fit you for the right one. Save up, though. Each will be around $50.
  2. TDF: Theater Development Fund – if you can prove to them you’re in one of these groups: “full-time students, full-time teachers, union members, seniors (62 or over), civil service employees, staff members of not-for-profit organizations, performing arts professionals, members of the armed forces or clergy,” then you can get Broadway and off-Broadway tickets for $34 with only a $27/year membership.
  3. TimeOut NY – Ok, my husband hates that I look at this magazine and have a subscription, simply because it’ll give you thought to 8,000 things you can spend your time and money on in New York when I really should be working on my career. Restaurant reviews, movie and theatre listings, clubs and venues, interviews, quaint articles on what living in New York is all about. Walking guides, how to live cheap, shopping, practically anything that’s going on is in each weekly edition.
  4. Pearl River Mart – If I had a million dollars, I’d spend a huge chunk of it here. Not that it’s all expensive, mind you. Three floors on Broadway in SoHo all about Asian clothing, housewares, food, and furniture. 1st Floor is clothing, gifts, some lanterns, stationary, pottery, hangings, etc. Bottom floor/basement is cheap curtains, rice cookers, pots, pans, bamboo furniture, figurines, soap, floormats, anything! Top and 3rd floor is some beautiful cloth, expensive knick-knacks, full sized Teracotta figures, room dividers, and expensive furniture that will make your mouth water. All of it will, in fact.
  5. Forbidden Planet – great geek-out spot for comic book tshirts, action figures, books, etc.
  6. The Drama Book Shop – basically like Samuel French, a wonderful resource for artists, actors, writers, directors, anyone in the “biz”.
  7. Colony Music Center – Sheet music, records, CD’s, DVD’s, karaoke music, posters, chatchkis galore.
  8. 24-hour FEDEX KINKO’s (faxing, copying, computers, printing) near the Columbus Circle/59th street station.
  9. 24-hour James Farley United States Post Office at 34th/Madison Square Garden. Yowza
  10. South Street Seaport – location for 3-masted ships and age-old tugboats, seafood restaurants, museum and art venues, shopping mall & a great view of the East River.

Reading this week’s TimeOut NY magazine (issue $669, July 24-30), I came across a small interview with John Clancy (founder of NY Int’l Fringe Festival) regarding what success on Broadway is. His quote on the matter, “Success is having the respect of people you respect.”

He is also just starting up an Off-Off advocacy group called the League of Independent Theater, and I’m instantly smitten with the concept surrounding this group’s mission:

“1 – To promote the artistic and economic interests of theater professionals working in New York City in theaters of up to 99 seats;
2 – To organize and protect our members to ensure that independent theater is economically viable for all of its practitioners;
and 3 – To advocate on behalf of the decades-old tradition of off-off Broadway theater to ensure that it remains, and grows, as a thriving artistic and economic sector in New York City.”

I’m in love, want to join as a member (gotta budget for the year membership) and would even like to gain employment within this group, if possible. Anyone know anything about this group?