"I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing"

Riding the A by May Swenson

I ride
the “A” train
and feel
like a ball-
bearing in a roller skate.
I have on a gray
coat. The hollow
of the car
is gray.
My face
a negative in the slate
I sit
in a lit
corridor that races
through a dark
one. Strok-
ing steel,
what a smooth rasp—it feels
like the newest of knives
a long
black crusty loaf
from West 4th to 168th.
and rails
in their prime
make love in a glide
of slickness
and friction.
It is an elation
I wish to pro-
The station
is reached
too soon.

“Riding The A” by May Swenson from Things Taking Place: New and Selected Poems. © Little, Brown, 1978. Reprinted without permission, please don’t sue me.

It’s super-cheap for being a sit-in restaurant(we got two hummus meals and split a frozen dessert and paid $22 after the addition of a hefty tip). And only 20 minutes on the 1 train from our house to the 72nd stop! www.hummusplace.com

Speaking of the train, on our way back, Pete and I found ourselves the only ones on what appeared to be the only non-air conditioned subway train car. We had the whole (albeit hot) place to ourselves! If you ever find yourself in New York in this position, take advantage of it. Run around. Swing on the bars. Yell at your loved one from one side of the car to the other. And above all, sing! It’s a lot of fun!

“I’m siiiiiiiiiiiiinging in the train, just siiiiiiiiinging in the traaaaaain!”