"I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing"

It was wild. Exciting, exhausting and stunning. I walked over to Times Square from work, met with Pete, and then hung out for a bit to take pictures and watch the political circus. The JumboTron MTV screen started playing The Daily Show/Colbert Report Indecision 2008 special election coverage, but we quickly lost interest as there was no sound – it’s not as funny or understandable with closed captioning.

Times Square was set up for the event, with all of the huge screens broadcasting news networks, from NBC, ABC, CNN & FOX. Each time a new series of states came in for Obama, a huge wave of cheers erupted. Cheers also erupted every time the camera crane swept over the crowd for an action shot.

When the announcement that my home state, California, was officially on the map for Obama, and the words “President-Elect Barack Obama” started scrolling across the digital-screen ticker tape and onto the screens, the entire place went wild.

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