"I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing"

November 14, 2010
Sierra plays the part of Lucy in Musical Mondays Theater Lab’s reading of “The Good Girl” by Mary Liz McNamara and Arden Kass, performed at the Jerry Orbach Theater in the Snapple Theater Center. Directed by Lucie Tiberghien and musically directed by Annie Lebaux. www.MusicalMondays.org

October 28, 2010
REVIEW: Cabaret Hotline Online, by Sue Matsuki.

“…every single time she steps on a stage, she blows me away. I am speaking of Miss Sierra Rein…a pure, operatic/theatrical voice and performance worthy of a Tony…and THEN, I was shocked to hear her wailing out a Janis Joplin tune in the latest Marquee Five show. This girl can literally sing anything.”

To read the full text, click here and scroll down to “THE SALON”