"I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing"

ForTalent.com is a social networking site specifically designed for creative types. I’m a member (join and friend me at www.fortalent.com/sierrarein). I also submitted myself for an online contest (members only can vote, so join and vote for me!). The contest is for the chance to win a singing spot on stage with James Barbour at Birdland this December 12, 2010, or for two tickets to see the show. James will make his own decision on his singer of choice, but top votes will decide on who will get the tickets. If you can, sign up, friend me, and vote! It would be awesome to see this show, or to BE in it, singing a holiday song with Mr. Barbour!

Go to MY VOTING ENTRY page here: www.fortalent.com/contests/ShowContestEntry.do?eid=109247 to vote!!!

And if Mom and Dad are reading this, I have an MP3 of this which will be in your email inboxes shortly. Love you!

** UPDATE 12/7/2010 **

My friend, the lovely Erika Amato (on ForTalent.com/erikaamato), blasted the competition and won with 46 votes for her live concert rendition of “I Miss the Mountains” from Next To Normal. I was 2nd in the video submissions with 25 votes, but only after beautiful audio submission by Cait, which garnered 37 votes (so I was third overall). Erika assures me that I’m her date for the evening, so whether either of us are chosen to sing by James himself or not, we’re going to the concert!

**UPDATE 12/8/2010**

Ummmmm…I WON! Details here.