I had a terrific time last night, performing in a double-header of musical endeavors (“The Good Girl” at The Snapple Theater Center, then Kevin McMullan’s show “Twist of Fate”). And I was happy to read over my morning coffee today that Sue Matsuki was kind enough to highlight me in her column section on Cabaret Hotline Online, reviewing The Salon Open Mic (which I attend and blog about on a weekly basis!):

“Everyone was great but I look at and hear some of the Broadway types that do The Salon on a regular basis and I think, “How much more talented does one have to be to make it on Broadway?” Some of the singers of this caliber. There are singers of all levels and genres which makes the night an eclectic one. They also have a theme every week which adds yet another fun layer.

There are too many folks to “highlight” on nights like this but I do want to mention one gal in particular because every single time she steps on a stage, she blows me away. I am speaking of Miss Sierra Rein who sang a tune I think was called “A Diva’s Work is Never Done” in what was a pure, operatic/theatrical voice and performance worthy of a Tony. When I first met Sierra, she was performing with a puppet. Then I heard her do the “Only Make Believe” duet from Oklahoma with another wonderful singer at Salon and THEN, I was shocked to hear her wailing our a Janis Joplin tune in the latest Marquee Five show. This girl can literally sing anything.”

The song title in question was “This Place is Mine” from Maury Yeston’s Phantom. Thanks, Sue!