While it was a bit chilly yesterday, the sun was out and I was too. I had three Manhattan meetings (two regarding jobs and one rehearsal). Inspired by this blog entry on TheCallboard.com, I decided to take the subway down to 23rd and 5th, but then walk between all my other appointments and then take the subway home. After my first appointment at 23rd and 5th, I walked up 5th 20 blocks to Bryant Park. I had plenty of time to stop by one of my old haunts, the Algonquin Hotel (during the times that The Salon was in the lobby every Sunday). I saw the hotel cat, Mathilda – she’s a ragdoll cat with a Twitter account and is very friendly (although I did see her scoot her butt across the carpet out of the corner of my eye…!).

Pretty Matilda

Once I was finished with the second appointment for the day, I had an hour to walk from 40th and 5th down to the West 4th/Washington Square area, where I had a rehearsal at 5pm with BMI composer Mary Liz McNamara.  It was a glorious walk! I stopped by Madison Square to see the Flatiron Building and resist the temptations at The Shake Shack.  I also stopped to view an absolutely gorgeous magnolia-like tree, whose branches covered up the view of an old church.

This walk was a lovely reminder that as New Yorkers, we shouldn’t spend too much time under the cover of the MTA system; if we have the time, walk (especially if the subway ride is only two or three stops away).  I got some sun (vitamin D!), some air, some exercise, saw my fellow humans walking around and some beautiful vistas, saved some cash, and I felt so good afterward.

Sierra Rein
“I don’t sing because I’m happy, I’m happy because I sing” – William James