Season 2, Episode 2 of “How to Look Good Naked” on the Lifetime Channel is special – it’s not any woman, but my friend Grae who gets surprised by Carson and asked to do a Tango. Now, everyone who knows Grae was puzzled by the fact that she wanted to be on this show, seeing as how she’s such a positive, supportive and creatively awesome woman. I mean, she ran the Los Angeles Marathon and took on the name Hellcat for it. But, we women have doubts and fears and issues with our body, so woman-to-woman I can see where she might want to get past some body-image problems.

So, if you have the time to see my woman Grae make her outside as gorgeous as her inside (with the help of a gay man to help her shop for clothes and someone to do her celebrity hair & makeup – wouldn’t we all want those at our side?), go to and watch all the segments online, or find her episode on iTunes.

And in the meantime, check out her movie-obsessed podcast called Popcorn Mafia, which she does with her good friend Gariana. And they have an awesomely designed website, too. Huh, funny that! Oh, and just found them on Their running commentary on last week’s ComiCon is priceless.

Way to go, Grae & Gariana!