Pete & I took advantage of a lull in our schedules and made it down to Washington, DC, to brave the ebullient crowds — and celebrate what is probably the most significant changing of the guards in my generation’s lifetime. My set is here. It includes pix of us in the Mall, at the Smithsonian Castle/Air&Space/AmericanHistory/NationalPortraitGallery Museums, and an all about town attitude. Pete & I even have pictures of our new friend Jay the Pal, a muppet Christmas present via This weekend is all about celebration, learning, and fun. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY of the INAUGURATION; we have no expectations but to get to the Mall and see what’s up, or maybe catch a glimpse of the parade going by. Pete will (and has already) updated his blog with video and pictures of our schenanigans so far; in a few days, there will no doubt be even more video & audio to come.

Speaking of audio: after Wednesday night, go check out the podcast of the – Pete (ThePete) and I (Siskita) are guests, and we detail some of our adventures in Washington so far.